opemSIS is a OS4Ed product

District Edition

Commercial grade edition with State Reporting. Offered as a secured hosted solution in the "cloud" or as on-premise school-server. Suitable for large schools and school districts needing customization and integration with existing applications

This edition is targeted for school districts with multiple schools and multiple processes. We take the professional edition and customize it to fit a district's need. We follow the following methodology:

Current state analysis

Identification of all the current state functions and applications that are used to administer the school district.

Identification includes understanding for each system:

  • where it is managed
  • how it runs (performance, break/fix activity levels)
  • major benefits of application
  • current issues/challenges
  • age
  • version of software
  • infrastructure platform
  • core technology
  • support arrangement (for example is it supported by departmental staff or a vendor?)
  • volumes processed

Assessment of how well these applications

  • serve their intended purpose, and
  • how usable are they for the staff and clients that rely on them.

Identification of interfaces among all systems local and between those that run as a hosted solution

Outline of existing state technology standards

  • Some assessment of how well these standards support the state.

Summary of existing and emerging technology standards in this space

Existing regulations that must be complied with and an assessment of what challenges these present

Future state analysis

Information Requirements to Define a Future State:

  • Administration functions
  • Staff functions
  • Teacher functions
  • Student functions
  • Parent functions

Define the future state

  • Construct a business context diagram
  • Define the functionalities needed to fulfill requirements and support pain points remediation
  • Identify the standards that need to be developed to enable this future state and provide access to the data required to support information needs
  • Prioritize the activities/events that need to occur and develop an implementation roadmap in phases
  • Define a governance structure based on what the future state looks like
  • Define the cross-impacts of the future state on other departments or applications

Gap reduction, system enhancement or customization

All gaps identified from the above exercise are plotted in a prioritizing matrix and thoroughly analyzed for cost and benefit. Then a decision is taken as to which functionality would be customized, built or ignored. Our development and implementation methodology is well tested and works.

Our Implementation Methodology

Our Implementation Methodology

How to buy District Edition

The openSIS District Edition is not available as a self-service sign-up using our eCommerce facility. Each District's requirement is very unique and we want to cater to them on a case by case basis. Therefore, to buy the District Edition, please contact us and we will discuss your specific need and give you a price quotation.