opemSIS is a OS4Ed product

Release Notes

openSIS version 4.6   ( February 2010 )

The release of openSIS 4.6 marks the completion of our database migration from Postgres to MySQL. Along with updates to the SQL, we gave our best effort to resolve several defects that were reported by our users. There was a long list of minor to severe defects that were identified and we have resolved each and every one that was reported till Jan 31st, 2010.

Several new features have been added that will make openSIS useful to any type of institution needing a SIS. We believe you will like this release very much and we will appreciate your feedback.

The following list outlines some of the features that were added and some of the defects that were fixed:

New Features

  1. Postgres sequence tables have been removed. Auto increment feature of MySQL is now in use.
  2. Multiple concurrent marking periods like semesters, quarters or sessions with over lapping dates can be created now.
  3. If a calendar date of a school is within one year (viz: Jan to Dec 2010), it will show date as one year (viz: 2010).
  4. The marking period display on the upper right hand corner of the screen will show whichever is the lowest marking period level for a school. If a school does not have Quarters, it will show Semester. If there are no Semesters, it will show full year.
  5. In the student demographic information, the Medical section has been updated to allow entry of multiple doctors’ notes by date.
  6. Full day and half day minutes can now be set by the administrator. So students with 200 minutes in school will not show absent for the day if you change the full day minutes to 200.
  7. In the period setup screen, an “ignore for scheduling” option has been added to let a particular period be excluded from the scheduling algorithm. You can now schedule a student into conflicting periods without being rejected by the scheduler.
  8. During installation of openSIS for the first time, you can now enter the name of your school and the begin and end dates of the school year. The installer will create your school.
  9. openSIS can be installed with the included sample school only or along with your own school. The sample school data will provide a guide to configure your own school properly.
  10. Quarterly transcripts are now available.
  11. Student photo is now optional in transcripts.
  12. Additional assignment sorting option has been included.
  13. Replaced grade range and class rank color coding with numeric range in parent portal.

Feature Update for April 2010

  1. Added Student scrolling features to go forward or backwards while viewing student record.
  2. Added security feature to delete the install folder after installation is complete.
  3. Added alerts in parent and student portal to view ungraded assignments.
  4. Added ability to backup database to a local SQL file with schema. You can use it to restore the openSIS database.

Defects Fixed

  1. Installation bug with hard coded year has been removed. Begin and end dates of the school year is taken from user input.
  2. GPA calculation in transcripts for historical marking periods has been fixed.
  3. In transcripts, student information was showing blank if there was no address for the student. That has been fixed.
  4. Historical marking period grade entry has been fixed.
  5. All attendance reports have been corrected.
  6. Course catalog display and print problems were fixed.
  7. Duplicate username regression fixed.
  8. Assignment links in parent portal now shows assignment details.
  9. Back to student list crash has been fixed.
  10. Final grade entry dates are now shown clearly for teachers.
  11. Teacher can take past marking period attendance.
  12. After taking past attendance, a back to list link has been added to return to missing attendance list.
  13. When progress notes were entered, it was letting the Goals title to be edited. That’s fixed.
  14. Progress notes are now sorted reverse chronologically on date of entry.
  15. Parent course selection was not editable. It is now.
  16. Recalculate daily attendance was giving database error.
  17. When a new user is created, it is now mandatory to assign a school so that the user can login to a school.
  18. Copy school function was not copying all relevant information.
  19. Schedule main page for a student includes a marking period dropdown but that dropdown was only populated with quarters. It is now populated with any marking periods that exist in the system.
  20. Portal notes entry was not saving all text.
  21. Fixed eligibility date time entry update issue.