opemSIS is a OS4Ed product

Release Notes

openSIS version 4.7   ( September 2010 )

Several new features have been added that will make openSIS useful to any type of institution needing a SIS. We believe you will like this release very much and we will appreciate your feedback.

The following list outlines some of the features that were added and some of the defects that were fixed:

New Features

  1. When a student is dropped from school, all scheduled courses for the student are dropped and seat numbers updated
  2. Student login is disabled when a student is dropped from school
  3. Graded assignments can not be deleted
  4. Prevention of any type of file upload in to student's photo
  5. Ability to print calendar events in the list view
  6. When comments are added to student record, it now displays in reverse chronological order
  7. Do not let Subject and Course name to be deleted if there is course period
  8. System preference settings created to manage preferences
  9. Ability to put openSIS in maintenance mode
  10. Student advanced search options added
  11. Several security features and validations added.

Defects Fixed

  1. DB error when custom fields added in Students->General info and then performed print class lists from scheduling
  2. Parent could not print schedule
  3. System crashes when click on Grades -> Utilities -> Edit Report Card Grades -> Choose Student
  4. When a new user is created, it puts a default login date time in the last login field. Now it puts null value
  5. AM/PM validation was not working in time of create Periods
  6. Student name not taking apostrophe
  7. Student password was automatically inserted and could not be removed. It now puts null value
  8. Could not put apostrophe in Attendance Comment
  9. Ajax username checking not working
  10. When teacher logs in and looks at schedule, it is not sorted
  11. On take attendance screen, when you click on column to sort, date defaults to current date
  12. Adding user profiles not showing in user drop down in add user screen
  13. After creating new school teacher can't take attendance
  14. Report Cards do not show Alternate ID
  15. Eligibility entry day and time not staying
  16. Print all courses does not print details of all courses and its periods
  17. In Run Scheduler - schedule unscheduled requests has been fixed.