opemSIS is a OS4Ed product

Release Notes

openSIS version 4.8   ( February 2011 )

For this release, our main focus was security. We have reworked thousands of lines of code to remediate possible security hazards. We have run the system thru third party security audit and the application fared well. We are happy with the results.

A few new features have been added that were requested by our customers. We believe you will like this release very much and we will appreciate your feedback.

The following list outlines some of the features that were added and some of the defects that were fixed:

New Features

  1. Secondary teacher added to course periods. Now you can have a substitute teacher perform all functions of the main teacher.
  2. School, Subject and Course Period filtration has been added to Teacher login. Now it will be easier for a teacher who is teaching. several classes in to be able to find the right class.
  3. Improved pagination has been added. Now you can select a few students in one page, skip to another page and select some. more students and both you selections will be there.
  4. Student name will now take apostrophe.
  5. Teachers can now access the course manager.
  6. Pagination has been added to User list and also "back to list" function.
  7. Several security features and validations added.

Defects Fixed

  1. Visible Between dates are auto initialize in new portal notes if we do not set Visible Between date.
  2. All field of new Add User were filled with ‘1’.
  3. Students showing up as inactive when their status is shown but also displayed in an active student list.
  4. Course Creation with blank spaces in title accepted the creation of course.
  5. Attendance report showed all schools.
  6. Student Info record print did not show dates from medical records.