opemSIS is a OS4Ed product

Release Notes

openSIS version 4.9   ( Jan 10, 2012 )

The following list outlines some of the features that were added and some of the notable defects that were fixed. Besides these, several small UI adjustments were made and SQL fine tuning were done and small defects were fixed.

New Features

  1. Missing Attendance Table added for faster calculation of large number of missing attendance
  2. Ajax loading added to home page while missing attendance is calculated. No waiting for page to load
  3. Student calendar view for schedule added. Day, week and month view is now possible
  4. School logo upload functionality added
  5. Uploaded school logo is displayed in Report Cards, Transcripts and repots where school name is displayed
  6. In setup student fields, list of existing default fields are shown to make it easier for custom field addition
  7. GPA printing on Report Card functionality added
  8. Signature line for teacher, parent and principal added in Report Card
  9. Enrollment record history is created in the student enrollment section
  10. Teacher’s assignment that do not have a due date is not displayed on the student/parent portal
  11. When a student is dropped, the portal login is automatically disabled for student
  12. When a student is dropped, the portal login is automatically disabled for all linked parents
  13. Course Period changes blocked after attendance record or grading records created
  14. Student’s schedule modification details are not shown in student schedule line item by clicking on more info icon
  15. A period has to be enabled for attendance before it can be used for attendance in the course period creation
  16. School roll over is automated. It will do one click roll over with a desired starting date for next school year
  17. Course weighting for Advanced Placement (AP) classes enabled in course period. Weighted GPA will be used for calculation
  18. Several useful validation were added to minimize data entry mistakes

Defects Fixed

  1. A blank attendance category can be created
  2. A blank attendance code can be created
  3. ADA calculation giving error
  4. All assignment in others assignment type shows in Grades under Grade book
  5. Allow Teacher Grade scale regressed
  6. Calendar event is saving blank title
  7. Comment deletion giving error from time to time
  8. Comments field show up even when comment is turned off
  9. Copy school period is not copying correctly
  10. Custom Profile assignment for users create issues after login
  11. Database error occurring in student expanded view
  12. Database error shows if single quote(') inserted in time of addition or updation in user fields
  13. Error in Student Final Grades sorting
  14. For the same school we can create two or more default calendars
  15. Gender restriction is not work in course period
  16. Go button in student calendar view not working
  17. Group schedule regressed
  18. Historical Marking Period ID clash removed
  19. Ignore for scheduling switch does not work for group scheduling
  20. In copy school function, grade scale is not copying
  21. In custom field, sort order validation does not work when editing
  22. In list events, the ordered by date does not work properly
  23. In transcript printing, student photo is not re-sized
  24. Inactive student’s grade shows in transcripts
  25. Individual scheduling... add course is buggy
  26. Invalid date range in Eligibility
  27. Mandatory field do not work in user custom field
  28. Page redirection is not proper in marking period
  29. Run scheduler error fixed
  30. Run scheduler schedules duplicate courses
  31. ‘Select Multiple from option’ of user custom field is not working
  32. Showing wrong student count for custom search
  33. Sort order takes blank value
  34. Student name does not accept space
  35. Student next, previous link is not working properly in the case of same last name
  36. Teacher attendance Go button not aligned
  37. The end date can be updated with a date earlier then the begin date
  38. The grade posting end date can be earlier then the grade posting start date
  39. The required fields take blank space value
  40. Unable to add student custom field in custom category
  41. Switching 2nd school creating session problem
  42. User and student were permitted to have same user name
  43. User searching is not work properly
  44. Validation does not work when we update a portal notes field
  45. When a school was setup as whole year, Teacher Login session crashed
  46. When an administrator enters the attendance for students, teachers were getting missing attendance notification
  47. When you make Custom field mandatory to non-mandatory, db does not update
  48. Wrong student count when search through custom fields
  49. Zip/Postal Code field does not have any validation
  50. Weighted GPA calculation error