opemSIS is a OS4Ed product

Release Notes

openSIS version 5.0   ( July 16, 2012 )

The following list outlines some of the features that were added and some of the notable defects that were fixed. Besides these, several small UI adjustments were made and SQL fine tuning were done and small defects were fixed.

New Features

  1. Teacher reassignment to a course period. If a teacher leaves the school, another teacher can take over the class and will have access to all assignments and attendance records
  2. Teacher impersonation added. Admin can use a teacher’s username and admin password to impersonate a teacher
  3. Admin/Counselor can now generate composite progress report of students
  4. Password in the system should be minimum 8 characters with one numeric and one special character
  5. User’s password cannot be same as admin’s
  6. Multi Scheduling feature for courses has been added
  7. All associated contacts for a student can be printed as a report
  8. Rollover has been simplified and made automatic so that users can roll over school in one click
  9. Displaying class rank in reports are made optional
  10. Database backup utility from tools have been upgraded to include stored procedures and triggers
  11. Data structure is now Windows and Linux compatible
  12. Calendars with events marked for specific roles can be created now - example: a staff calendar with staff events can be created and those events will not show for students, parents
  13. For student rollover, default enrollment and drop codes added
  14. Student enrollment records are now shown in multiple rows
  15. While creating student custom fields, the list of default system fields are shown

Defects Fixed

  1. Composite transcript is correctly generated with inter school transfer
  2. When there are multiple schools, teachers with access to one school sees portal notes from other schools
  3. If a teacher creates an assignment category and other teachers are seeing that and adding grades to it, one teacher can see and use the assignments created by other teachers
  4. When a student is transferred from School A to School B at the end of the running year the student is not found in School B
  5. When you added a new school in openSIS and trying to create course periods for FY, the FY option is not coming in the marking period dropdown. however, FY remains in group scheduling and in other places
  6. While copying a school, if the School periods and marking periods options are unchecked, a new school would be created but with no tabs
  7. While creating an Advanced Report for a student if the Gender field is checked, it gives a database error
  8. Student Goals does not show up in Students >> Reports >> Print Student Info. gave a goal and a progress for a particular student. its printing in Students >> Reports >> Print Goals & Progresses but does not print in Students >> Reports >> Print Student Info
  9. System is not providing an ability to select the Student's primary and secondary contacts and their details to be generated in a list and download in excel
  10. Student Search Screen Grade Filtration not working correctly
  11. Incorrect attendance count in report card - while creating a report card if Year-to-date Daily Absences and Daily Absences this Marking Period is checked, in the report card both shows different values
  12. Enter eligibility entry times for teachers and they stay as editable. It should go in browse mode
  13. Missing Values after roll over is performed
  14. Search all school does not work for student grade level value
  15. The teacher completion report is suppose to show the list of course periods for which the teacher has not entered final grades
  16. Group by Family option does not work properly, shows incorrect data after search
  17. Ignore scheduling switch does not work sometimes
  18. New Teachers joined and getting Missing Attendance Alert
  19. DB error after deleting assignments
  20. No alert is showing up while Inputting final grades for sem1 even if the grade posting ended
  21. Portal notes is not school specific