opemSIS is a OS4Ed product

Release Notes

openSIS version 5.1   ( October 16, 2012 )

This release mostly focused on fixing defects from the earlier release. There was only one new feature added.

New Features

  1. Student re-enrollment feature added. With this feature, you can re-enroll a dropped student back in school and the system will create an enrollment line item in the students enrollment table and show it in the demographic page under the enrollment section.

Defects Fixed

  1. Student count error in demographic screen
  2. Goals and Progress rollover error
  3. Gradebook ungraded assignments showing red zero
  4. Grades could be given for Semester Level for a Quarter course
  5. Student grades/class rank was showing incorrectly at times
  6. Wrong date on Report Card after rollover
  7. Run Scheduler gave DB error at times
  8. Scheduling deletion leads to increased seat number in course period
  9. Full Year entry being allowed without Grade Posting Begin and Grade Posting End dates
  10. No validation is Grade Posting End Date
  11. Portal notes from one school is visible system wide
  12. Student Mailing address does not support Foreign Character in all the fields
  13. Student drop date has no validation
  14. Duplicated Missing Attendance
  15. Teacher Reassignment Error msg
  16. Grade >> Search >> Did not receive A,B,C,D option does not work
  17. Ungraded assignments showed as "F" - failing
  18. Input Final Grades user list issue
  19. Delete access log does not work
  20. No Validation is Marking Period
  21. Issue with Associate Parents with Students option
  22. Dropped student, when rolled over cannot be seen or re-enrolled
  23. Assignment Due date issue
  24. Course Header is not showing in Transcript
  25. DB error while using ' in Periods/MP/Grade Levels
  26. Associate Students with Parent screen issue
  27. No Validation in creating Grade Levels
  28. No Validation in Period Creation
  29. Single drop date issue
  30. CP screen issues
  31. CP Meeting days changing issue
  32. Mistakenly typed teacher names can't be changed from front end
  33. Incorrect Parent log in screen message
  34. Address entry repetition
  35. Missing Attendance Alert Duplication error
  36. Inactive or dropped student re-enrollment
  37. Calendar days removal issue
  38. After school change, page should be redirected to Index page
  39. New Teacher A/C- No courses
  40. Grade >> Search >> Did not receive A,B,C,D option does not work
  41. Add a School/ Sample School Course Manager issue
  42. Single Scheduling Enrolled date issue
  43. Extra radio button in report card search screen
  44. Student Goals and Progresses should not be rolled over
  45. Assignment Due date issue
  46. Run Scheduler does not consider Ignore for Scheduling
  47. Transcript GP value incorrect
  48. Goals DB error
  49. Due date should NOT be lesser than Assignment Assigned Date
  50. Ethnicity/ Gender/ Language should be dropdowns in Group Assign Student Info
  51. Add student schedule deletion option
  52. Student Advanced Report does not include Inactive Students Details
  53. Scheduling - Requests Report shows the Seats blank
  54. User Password Changing Issue
  55. Group Drop is not working in all browsers
  56. Report card and grading issue - Grade 100% is showing 99.99%
  57. Previous year Gradebook Report Card can't be seen from teacher and student log in