opemSIS is a OS4Ed product

Release Notes

openSIS version 5.2   ( April 26, 2013 )

New Features

  1. Ability has been given to teacher to delete an assignment after grading is done
  2. User school enrollment data capture has been added
  3. Duplicate student entry is prevented with alert
  4. Facility to add new relationships in student Address & Contact main data entry page
  5. openSIS installer has been upgraded to check for installation prerequisites in the computer
  6. Thorough SQL optimization has been performed in openSIS-CE to speed up operations for multiple schools and large student population

Defects Fixed

  1. Student Course Add and Drop function use to call too many procedures and use to take time
  2. Student re-enrollment had issues
  3. Though all the required setup was done, Transcript did not get generated in Windows XP sometimes
  4. At the time of installation in Windows XP datepicker was not working in school begins date & end date option
  5. Admin >> Grades >> Report >> Honor roll in student search box option honor roll was not working
  6. Teacher Reassignment >> Missing Attendance had some issues
  7. Admin Password had issues after rollover
  8. User Search box >> Searching with username, last & first name gave DB Error sometimes
  9. Missing attendance calculation notification in Portal was showing even when there were no missing attendance
  10. Admin >> Grades >> Grade Breakdown selecting any Marking Period from the the drop down was taking user back  to the Home tab
  11. The student became inactive when the Student enrollment start date was made as N/A
  12. Admin >> Schedule >> Group Schedule - at the time of Group scheduling students could have been scheduled before school start date  issue
  13. School setup>> calendar >> no error message >>while deleting an associated calendar
  14. Student Drop Date Issue
  15. Student >> Search >> Group by Family >> Submit >> gave DB error with some browsers
  16. Admin Log in >> Gradebook >> Teacher Completion - Changing the period drop down gave DB error in certain cases
  17. Admin log in >> Attendance >> Reports >> Attendance Report gives DB error
  18. There were no validation in Meeting Days while creating a Course Period
  19. Missing attendance notification was showing for all staff, it was changed to show for teachers and admins only
  20. Teacher transferred between schools in a district was causing errors
  21. Admin Password had issue after rollover
  22. "Remove" student from buffer was changed to "deselect"
  23. A course period was getting multiplied by single scheduling
  24. There were no validation in Student Requests screen
  25. Sometimes Missing Attendance link was doubled in teacher home page
  26. Large database was not backing up using backup tool
  27. Teacher reassignment was buggy and did not work in all cases
  28. Seat number count was incorrect for some add/drop cases
  29. After Rollover student enrollment record was editable for previous year. That has been prevented
  30. Spaces from data entry fields were trimmed to prevent duplicate student entry
  31. Staff ID change after rollover was causing issue
  32. Open enrollment records from previous years were not disabled after rollover
  33. Students photos did not show up in any reports after rollover
  34. Grade rounding and teacher grade scale had issue
  35. ‘Apply to all Periods for this Course’ option in teacher gradebook did not work
  36. Doing more than five Copy School operation gave database error