opemSIS is a OS4Ed product

Release Notes

openSIS version 5.3   ( December 31, 2013 )

Several new features have been added that will make openSIS useful to any type of institution needing a SIS. We believe you will like this release very much and we will appreciate your feedback.

The following list outlines some of the features that were added and some of the defects that were fixed:

New Features

  1. Users School Records section is designed with new functionalities of dropping a teacher or transferring to other schools and status
  2. openSIS is updated with new descriptive error & validation messages
  3. Rollover is designed with proper calendar & marking period dates along with student enrollment date
  4. Users photo can be added now
  5. Database will accept and save (') in various fields without any error now.
  6. Correct email validation is given to the email fields.
  7. Calculate GPA is optional for different Grading scales.
  8. Dropped user would be considered as inactive user now
  9. Attendance >> Save button is in top and at the bottom in the take attendance screen for the users to save time
  10. Include Inactive Student option is DB error in Add/ Edit Historical report card grades Defects Fixed

Defects Fixed

  1. If future drop date is given for a User, that user would be inactive on and after that day.
  2. Grade Rounding issue have been fixed
  3. Login screen was not showing last login time
  4. Various issue related to Student Transfer from one school to the other in the same database have been fixed
  5. Print schedule marking period filtration issue is fixed
  6. Attendance >> Administration issues are fixed
  7. Student log in >> Schedule >> My schedule was showing no student were found
  8. Parent login >> schedule >> print schedule issue is fixed
  9. When a User is dropped the status will show Inactive
  10. Student log in >> Schedule report had Db error
  11. Edit calendar had Events visibility issue
  12. System would allow the user to give special characters while adding user fields
  13. If the system wide check box in a calendar event was checked, the event was not showing up in the home page
  14. Generating Honor Roll report was giving Db error
  15. Teachers used to get missing attendance alert for Office Only typed attendance codes
  16. System Maintenance Mode was not working
  17. Dropped user will be considered as inactive user now
  18. While editing Teachers or Users can't be given access in multiple school
  19. Duplicate Student Related issues have been fixed
  20. Attendance >> Teacher Completion was not functioning properly
  21. User Status was showing Resigned from those school where he never joined issue is fixed
  22. While copying a School existing users used to get copied in the new school
  23. The Assigned & Due Date is made mandatory while creating an Assignment to make it show up in the progress report
  24. Run Scheduler >> Delete Current Schedules option used to give DB error
  25. Unable to drop students from Course Periods if attendance is taken for that day
  26. Teacher Reassignment was not functioning in Multischool database
  27. Assignments were not showing up in Progress Report if same teacher teaches two course periods under a particular course
  28. print all courses used to show up previous year's course periods after rollover
  29. Teacher Re-enrollment section is improved with new functionalities
  30. Calendar Events was not showing up in the openSIS Home page
  31. Unable to drop Duplicate student from school
  32. Identical Start Timed Periods couldn't be created
  33. Single Schedule used to give DB error while selecting more than one course periods under different courses at a time
  34. Student's enrollment section shows N/A issue is fixed
  35. Missing attendance alert was not generating for the entire time span (in clashing periods when ignore for scheduling is checked)
  36. Teacher Reassignment >> Missing Attendance issue is fixed
  37. Student Field - Auto Pull Down option used to give DB error
  38. Issue with Add/ Edit Historical report card grades is fixed