opemSIS is a OS4Ed product

Release Notes

openSIS version 6.1   ( May 18, 2016 )

Several new features have been added that will make openSIS useful to any type of institution needing a SIS. We believe you will like this release very much and we will appreciate your feedback.

The following list outlines some of the features that were added and some of the defects that were fixed:

New Features

  1. After fresh installation of openSIS, it requires the super administrator to setup/configure certain mandatory components before a school can be fully operational. A school setup indicator with percentage has been created for super administrator so that the user knows what to complete before attempting to use the system.
  2. Ability to check version number online and alert admin user that new version of openSIS is available and provide a download link.
  3. WYSIWYG editor has been added in the assignment detail entry screen for teachers to provide ability to enter embedded hyperlinks.
  4. Ability to create custom parent profiles to limit access to specific information for divorced/separated parents due to legal/court orders.
  5. Ability to enter negative grades for students in gradebook.
  6. Ability to view list of parents who do not have portal access.
  7. Ability for teachers to configure grade rounding up and down for each course they are teaching.
  8. If Configuration percents are not setup in the teacher portal, on clicking Get Gradebook Grades for Semester 1/Semester 2/Full Year will pull-in the average of its consisting heads (meaning, for S1 it should include Q1+Q2+S1 Exam).

Defects Fixed

  1. For this new release of openSIS 6.1, we have focused on making the system secure. We did extensive coding changes to block any new methods of system penetration. The system was audited by a third party security company and we have received clearance.
  2. openSIS developers focused on the key areas of Scheduling, Attendance and Grades and have fixed many minor to major defects. There are too many of them to list in here.
  3. Overall, this is a good release of the popular software and we encourage the current version owners to upgrade.