opemSIS is a OS4Ed product

Release Notes

openSIS version 6.2   ( January 09, 2017 )

New Features

openSIS Community Edition release 6.2 has one feature update, that is the conversion of MyISAM database engine to InnoDB database engine. Many of our users had complained about read-write slowness and waiting due to table locking. This release will resolve those issues and will also provide several InnoDB advantages.

In a MyISAM engine, if a read is slow or hasn’t completed, and a read-write is waiting on the first read to finish, the MyISAM table referenced in the read is held in a locked state till the result set is made available to the query. This also causes a rise in the load average on the server and slows the site down. During this time no reads or writes can complete because MyISAM only has table-level locking.

The following InnoDB advantages will be available:

  • Row-level locking
  • Row data stored in pages in PK order
  • ACID-compliant and hence fully transactional with ROLLBACK and COMMIT and support for Foreign Keys
  • Provides automatic recovery from crashes via the replay of logs

Defects Fixed

openSIS developers focused on the key areas of Scheduling, Attendance and Grades and have fixed many minor to major defects pertaining to calculations, system upgrades and end of the year rollover. There are too many of them to list in here.

Overall, this is a good release of the popular software and we encourage the current version owners to upgrade.