opemSIS is a OS4Ed product

Release Notes

openSIS version 6.0   ( July 20, 2015 )

New Features

  1. Built in internal messaging system
    • Admins can send messages to anyone within the system
    • Teachers can send messages to their Students and Parents of those Students
    • Students can send messages to Teachers and Staff
  2. Variable scheduling
    • Different meetings days for one particular class
    • Scheduling by calendar days
    • Custom date range - irrespective of marking periods
  3. Room Creation
    • Create rooms and add capacity
    • Assign created rooms to course periods
  4. Parent Association directly from Student address and contacts section
    • Associate parent to Students and vice-versa has been discontinued
    • Look Up feature to search parents easily and assign them to students
  5. Parent portal access setup from within Student emergency records
    • As you create Student contacts, create portal access directly from within this screen
    • Parents are no more created from the staff form instead just give portal access to parents and make them users
  6. Student enrollment information/records have been shifted from the demographic section to enrollment section so that admin can give flexibility to who can access the information
    • You can turn off access to the Student enrollment section for specific users from the user profile management section
  7. Staff entity has been separated from users
    • Users are now portal users only, meaning parents and guardians who are connected with students
    • New Staff entry screen has been added and more in-depth information on demographic, school, address & contacts, certification etc. are captured
  8. Concept of Super Administrator
    • User installing the system becomes Super Administrator
    • Super Administrator is hierarchically the top most profile of the system
  9. Username and Password retrieval feature has been added
  10. WYSIWYG editor has been added for Teachers in the assignment entry screen
  11. New Reports menu under Tools tab
    • Get a brief report of all schools and their users from a single click
  12. Rollover gets a facelift
    • Input customized date ranges to full year, student enrollment, semester and quarters while rollover
    • Database is automatically backed up before rollover starts
  13. Database has been modified - unused tables and columns were deleted. Database properly normalized
  14. Some program files names (php code files) have been changed to maintain standardized naming convention.